Neurolymphatic Massage Points

I have found that every client moving through really stressful situations will have their lymphatic system impacted.

When the lymphatic system is offline or under stress, you may feel like you are really heavy, walking through mud or wearing concrete shoes. Massaging these Lymphatic massage points for 20-30 seconds each will get your system back online and relieve the extra heaviness or pressure you may be feeling. Instructions- Starting at the top points, just under the collarbone, massage each black circle with gentle pressure for 20-30 seconds. If it feels sensitive or sore when you do this, it is normal if you are doing for the firs time as there will be built up energy and toxins there. You can keep massaging the sore lymphatic point for longer until the tenderness reduces.

Youu2019ll find further instructions on how to do this in this video

Neurolymphatic Massage Points

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