Emotional Stress Release Points

Emotional Stress Release Points or ESR points are a simple and powerful tool you can use to quickly release stress from your body when you are feeling strong emotions.

Simply locate the spot approx. 1 inch above your eyebrow directly above your pupil, on what is called the u201cFrontal Eminenceu201d of your forehead. Place your fingertips on each spot above your eyebrows on both sides of your forehead, and hold gently for 3-5 minutes. As you do this you will feel your body relax and soften. It is ideal to continue to think about the stressful situation whilst you hold these points, to send a message to your body that it is safe for you to think about the situation without feeling the stressful emotions. You can also place the palm of your hand across your forehead and hold the points that way. You can repeat this process as many times throughout the day as you feel necessary.

Please watch the video for further instructions.

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