Thankyou Leesa for your time and energy in co creating with spirit this Masterclass. I found the experience valuable with excellent reminders about energetic intentions and mindset in regards to Social media and my businesses. In these epic shifting times on this planet it was great to recieve some insight and guidance.
Keren Huggett
Thank you so much Leesa. Your spiritual business masterclass was so insightful. The guidance you receive is clearly expressed through your work and is beneficial to everyone you share it with. I feel I have a deeper understanding of how to incorporate spiritual practices within my business, set emotional and energetic boundaries and attract clients without manipulation. I feel inspired to start my business with faith that I have the guidance I need to live in alignment with my purpose and support others along their own journey. The masterclass especially helped me to reflect on where I can elevate my spiritual practices and what self-beliefs I am holding onto that are not serving me or my business. Thanks again Leesa
Olivia Croker
I am particular about who I receive guidance from and Leesa's Spiritual Business Masterclass more than met my 'expectations'. Leesa is insightful, accurate and she was able to pinpoint something I'd left unspoken and bring light to it in a beautiful way. The class reminded me of the talents I am not using as often as I could and offered nuanced perspectives on how to move forward. Totally worth the time and money ❤ Thank you!
Lisa Murray
Thank you Leesa Turner for such an amazing and insightful Masterclass. It far exceeded my expectations. Leesa leads by example, and you can see the faith that she has in her team and her self to confidently share what will support you on your Spiritual Journey with your business. I have known of Leesa's work for some time and would recommend her to those who are wishing to deepen their connection with God, Divine, Source in a way that aligns for you.
TeAroha Haunui
Thankyou Leesa Attending your Spiritual Business Masterclass was certainly worth my time and investment! As a Medium, Healer, Teacher & Intuitive Counsellor in private practice it is important to regularly review your own business practices. The content of this masterclass challenged me to reflect on the energetic basis from which I am providing my services to ensure integrity and alignment with my true self. Several areas covered held so much value for me on both a personal and business level. There's something for everyone with lots of key messages to take away. I would recommend others take the opportunity just as you might with any professional development undertaken in a workplace.
Anne-Veronica Meredith
I really enjoyed the class not knowing what to expect I was really blown away and it made a really positive impact on me. I felt a really good energetic vibe during and afterwards. It gave me an idea where to start and go from there slowly but surely. It was really informative and made me have a positive outlook moving forward. Thanks SPIRITUAL BUSINESS MASTERCLASS WITH LEESA TURNER
Natalie Siskoski
I haven't finished watching yet as I got into the group late, but so far I resonate with so much. Thank you Leesa for your wealth of knowledge, it was exactly what I needed to here right now and I am super keen to learn more.
Shelle Gardner
Thank you SPIRITUAL BUSINESS MASTERCLASS WITH LEESA TURNER 🙏 The beautiful energy and guidance you offer is truly appreciated
Monique Roderique Agius
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