Quick Techniques to clear your Energy Field

Quick techniques to clear your energy field.

The next step in a Spiritual Awakening is to learn to identify when you have taken on other peopleu2019s energies and emotions and how to clear them from your energy.

When you have taken on other people’s energies, it can make your own emotional symptoms more intense, or create more problems that you believe are yours to deal with, but they actually arenu2019t.

Some other symptoms of taking on other peopleu2019s energies or emotions include

  • feelings of overwhelm
  • feeling like your nervous system is on edge or feeling like you are being pushed over the edge
  • anxiety
  • feelings, emotions and fears etc that are not normal to your usual personality
  • trouble sleeping, or bad dreams
  • dreaming of people
  • feeling other peopleu2019s energy or presence near you
  • feeling of being watched
  • feeling heavier or lower in vibration than normal

This video will give you 2 quick and easy techniques to use anywhere to clear your own energy. You can even visualise the Meridian Massage technique at night in bed before going to sleep.

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