Questioning your beliefs Byron Katie

Byron Katie’s The Work

“The Work” is a simple yet powerful practice of noticing the thoughts we are thinking that are causing us stress, and questioning them through a 4 part process.

I like to couple this with a practice from Abraham-Hicks called the Emotional Guidance Scale. When we are in alignment with what our Soul knows to be true on a subject, that belief will feel like relief, expansion, freedom, joy. The further out of alignment we are with our Soul’s truth, the more it will feel like fear, stress, anxiety, contraction. So you can look at your emotional responses to situations and use your emotions to guide you back into alignment, or a belief that feels like relief.

Anytime I’m feeling stress or fear with my thoughts or beleifs, I know there is an opportunity to do “The Work” and come into alignment. And when we are in alignment, doors open and things begin to flow our way.

You’ll find Byron Katie’s 4 part process for free on her website here (go to the top right hand corner to “DOWNLOADS” and you’ll find the instructions and the One belief at a time worksheet)

Download the Worksheet

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