Grounding and Clearing

This Channeled Energy Healing I’ve created is designed to help you ground back into your body, as well as clear your energies so you’ll feel calmer, lighter and more relaxed.

When you’re going through a Spiritual Awakening it is important to create stability and strong foundations to support yourself moving forward. Working on becoming grounded is the first step. Pay attention to how you feel before then after this healing. You’ll need to start to learn how your body feels when you’re not grounded so you can quickly self correct and stay on track.

Being grounded within your body is fundamental when it comes to going through a Spiritual awakening.

  • Being ungrounded, or “out of your body” may feel like- Dizziness or Feeling spacey or light-headed
  • Feeling lost and disconnected
  • Anxiety
  • Caught up in your head over thinking or racing thoughts
  • In “overfocus”- unable to slow down or stop and rest
  • Lose balance or bump into objects or trip over your feet
  • Having out of body or psychic experiences either falling asleep or whilst asleep
  • Feeling overwhelmed or stressed
  • Forgetfulness or hard to focus
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