Brain Switching

In kinesiology, there is a process called u201cBrain Switchingu201d. When we are under mental, emotional or physical stress, the polarity of our right and left hemispheres of our brains as well as the different centres of the brain can u201cSwitchu201d creating confusion of translation of the information our brain is receiving to the other centres of our brain, hence disrupting normal functioning.u00a0

Brain switching symptoms include:

  • Mental and physiological confusion such as lack of spatial awareness
  • Confusion between left and right
  • Struggle to be in the present moment
  • Being u201call in the headu201d
  • Forgetfulness
  • Learning and memory problems
  • Have trouble following directions
  • Mood changes
  • Learning difficulties

The video I have included in this course will help you to get your brain switching corrected, helping you to function through the stressful situation you are going through.

When you do follow the instructions in this video, I highly recommend you take notice of how you feel before and after. And also take notice of how you feel throughout your day, as you may need to repeat this process numerous times whilst under stress.

There is a deeper level of Brain Switching, called Deep Survival or Deep Level Brain Switching. This can be caused by traumatic or highly stressful situations. I often see people in crisis who are in this stage of Deep Survival.

Symptoms include:

  • A feeling of dread, panic or terror
  • feeling like the world is about to end
  • feeling heavy, pushed to the edge emotionally or by stress
  • anxiety
  • feeling as if itu2019s all too much

If you are having these symptoms, I highly recommend you book in with myself or any kinesiologist to correct this level of brain switching.

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