Accessing Akashic Records

The Library of consciousness, the library of Souls. The Akashic Records are not so much a library, but it is within the source field of information, and within this field of information (or you could call it the quantum field, or Source or God) exists every single frequency of light that is the history of every person on every planet and every dimension through time.

Every record is kept within this field. You can change the frequencies located in your crown star chakra to align to the frequencies required for you to access and unlock these stored memories within this field, so you will directly be able to go to Source and see exactly the origin of the issue with full clarity and vision, and from that place be able to prescribe the method that is required to shift things for your clients or yourself.

It is by going to the point of origin that will open up to you the ability to see exactly what it is that is needed to correct the energy imbalance back into alignment with God’s truth, or Source’s truth.

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